Anchor TV 2.0 Leadership Team

ATV 2.0 Many thanks! List!

 All of us here at Anchor TV 2.0 would like to thank these VERY   special people below. Each of them have gone above and beyond 
 In some way to aid Anchor TV 2.0. We will always be grateful for their service. 
THANK YOU !!!!!! 

  2013 Legends 
  Steve Rys | Thomas Lima | Jo Loflin | (founders of ATV)
  & Tobias Yoshimura |

  2014 Legends

  2015 Legends

In Development
Faculty Advisor to ATV2.0
Patrick Hurd
Computer Science
President & GM | ATV2.0
Jeff Conner
Program Manager & VP | ATV2.0

Tom Lima
​Production Manager | ATV2.0

Patrick studies Computer Science here at Rhode Island College. He is our General Manager and is in charge of our revenues and spending throughout the school year. His impact is already felt as he is in a major position here at Anchor TV.
Promotions Manager | ATV2.0
Graphics Manager | ATV2.0

Jeremy Ferriera

Business Manager | ATV2.0

Mike Giammarco
Sports Manager | ATV2.0

​Assistant Production Manager | ATV2.0

Andrew Spaziano
​News Manager | ATV2.0

Tom is a Communication major at Rhode Island College. He is our Production Manager at Anchor TV and was the General Manager as well as one of the founders of Anchor TV. He recently stepped down and handles many of the behind the scenes work to keep Anchor TV running smooth. He is also involved with much of the RIC Community.
Zach Caruso
​Webmaster | ATV2.0

Lauren Cocci
​Technology Manager | ATV2.0