This page is dedicated to student produced work from FALL SEMESTER 2013  to current day

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​COMM 345 Fall 2013 non fiction prod

Stephanie Dansereau

Stephanie Dansereau is a slated to graduate from RIC Spring 2014 where she will be graduating with honors and special recognition. Her passion is to find her place somewhere in the entertainment industry. While the where, when and how of that still need to be figured out. She is confidant in her abilities as a content creator and story teller. 

​COMM 341 Fall 2013 music video production

Lindsey Minutoli

Lindsey will be graduating from RIC in the Spring of 2014. She believes she has found her place in the world of mass media. At least for now she is sure she has a give of telling stories through the eye of a camera. Passionate about music and dance she will be in search of a common link between these two worlds in the entertainment industry. 

​COMM 345 Fall 2013 non fiction prod

​COMM 341 Fall 2013 music video production

more coming soon! please stay tuned! 

​COMM 341 Fall 2013 music video production


Jared Ware

Jared is a Mass Media and Communications major and is Anchor TV's Sports Manager. He directs the sporting events Anchor TV airs on its program and is the on air talent for many of the shows themselves.Jared is a passionate sports fan and hopes to get a job someday working for a sports network doing what he loves.

Steven Demoya 

Steven is a Senior in his final semester at Rhode Island College. He is double majoring in Graphic Design and Mass Media Communication. Steven has been working as an Resident Assistant since August of 2009. Other then his hobbies in school Steven also loves to draw and is into photography.  

Milka Tolich

Milka is the hard news anchor on Anchor TV 2.0 as eel as the president and General manager. She has a passion to get to the heart of the story. You can usually find her buried in the New York Times, Boston Globe, or a good 'True Crime' novel. Her goal is to find a job in the media and or entertainment industry after graduation.